Embrace the Child Within You 

We all come to this world as innocent souls, not knowing what’s right and what’s wrong. We all get framed by our surroundings which comprises of our family, friends and society. But, in this process, we lose a part of ourselves and lose contact with the child that is within us.

In the career that we continuously strive to build, we lose touch of the child. For the endless rat race, we forsake the needs of our soul. In fact, plenty of them sell spaces on their bodies to earn huge paychecks from advertising corporations, which results in depleted moral standards and equating life to a commodity that can be brought and sold. We work extensively to make our life colorful, but the absence of the integrity of the soul with the body makes everything tasteless and seem baseless.

Contentment is the basic element of the child within us. But, we in contrast, set the bar high with a collection of unrealistic standards that sabotages our happiness. This does not mean that we forget our dreams or don’t strive to achieve our best. In order to embrace our inner self, which would give the satisfaction that we have been craving from the birth, we need to go ahead and appreciate our lives and the things that we already have.

Peer pressure has taken the people of present day society in it’s grip. In the heat of the moment, young people are drawn to the fast track results and do not pay attention to the risks that they pose to their lives. There emerges a huge disparity in the demands of the outer and the inner bodies. Teenagers start moving in the contradictory paths to their soul and the child within is left unattended, which develops loneliness and depression in people.

Emotional and psychological trauma develop within people who go through catastrophic wars in their lifetime. Individuals are left completely distressed and turn helpless. In this scenario, humans forget to understand their responses and take decisions that might impact them on long terms. Bad experiences and grief often lead to such situations and can result in enormous anger, aggressiveness and lowered self-esteem.

Therefore, healing this inner child that has been suffering from ages is a necessity to turn the negatives into positive strengths. We need to take care of it as a parent and nurture it with the right energy. This might take some time in the beginning, since many of us never dared to face this child. But, as the bond with your inner self grows stronger, you elevate and accentuate on outer levels.

One of the best ways to cuddle this inner child is to believe in yourself even when no one stands with you. All of us are humans and it is quite possible to make mistakes. We do not have to criticize or punish ourselves for such actions. Instead, it is required that we stay calm and comfort ourselves. We need to accept this child within us in the first place and then show the same kindness and generosity towards other people in the society. Protect yourself as a parent and let not anybody be unkind or hostile to your child. Treat yourself well and spend more quality time with yourself, understanding your priorities and goals, be it career or life as a whole.

Taking part in changes that originate for good and things that contribute enormously to the welfare of the society and it’s people, tend to nourish the child within. Grow few plants or start a community garden and spend a little more time listening to what the nature has got to say. You can donate to a charity or provide a helping hand in schemes run by organizations that help the deprived people in your nation and worldwide.

Now, one can understand how crucial it is to embrace and be affectionate to the child within you. Most people seek happiness and satisfaction around them, but fail to achieve until they uncover this inner truth of finding their inner child. Protect and safeguard your inner self and thereby, you will discover yourself on a firm pedestal of amplified confidence and reverence.


2 thoughts on “Embrace the Child Within You 

  1. Very well put. It isn’t a coincidence that everyone remembers their happiest memories as ones in their childhood. As children we are naive and perpetually happy and a part of it must be saved and cherished forever like you so rightly pointed out.

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