Who Am I ?

Who am I ? A soul long lost in the dark, among the woods, in the savage world. Or, am I the soul enlightened with God’s light and protected by his love. Awake today and find your inner self, to rediscover yourself and establish a well-being.
For those who ain’t have love, He’ll provide you with love; for those who are in trouble, He’ll show a pathway to peace; for those who are sufferers, He’ll cure them from filth.

Show love and you’ll be loved. So, awaken and understand yourself,today. Start loving one and all beings, who understand His love and for those who aren’t, help them replenish with love.


All of us have wondered, as to where does happiness lie. We all have asked this question to ourselves, “How do I taste Happiness?” Well, the answer to this is very clear and simple. It lies beneath the tiny little things we do every day. Every little thing that we do has the potential to give us immense happiness. But, what makes it unseen, is the materialistic love that the modern world possesses. People start craving for an infinite number of things. This blinds us from the real happiness which is present everywhere around us. 

Happiness exists in smaller folds of life. The only thing, we need to do, is unfold that moment and implement its value in our life. Remember that moment when you hugged your dear one or when you took rest under a shady tree on a sunny day. All these instances comprise together to form “Happiness”. Happiness comes to those who understand it, and to them who can cultivate it. It’s not far away but needs to be captured, though it can’t be captivated. Hence, it is necessary to utilize all that you receive and move on for the next. Embrace one moment, acquire the love you’re awarded with and walk ahead to cuddle the succeeding chapter.

Love is that powerful tool that enhances happiness. Love all that work you do, love people around you, without judging anything or anyone. This will let you find good things in every other thing. All good things come in opaque embodiments, so you get into the castle only when you look for its doors. To get yourself going is one of the biggest challenges. But, once you have done that, life provides a simpler version of itself. To sit back and relax, you have to go and participate in the war before. Similarly, once you start loving things, all the negativity in them starts to decline. Those same odd stuffs look more colorful to you, and now become responsible in offering you the sweetest of results. Thus, love is that element which can help remove all the pale looking articles and can take you higher fulfilling your aspirations. 

As it is quoted that, “Happiness is short lived”. So, it is necessary to live in every moment before it passes away. Grab every second and make it count among the beautiful pages of your life. Visualize your dreams, focus on your goals and turn them into a living one. The dream that you see will help you create the path towards it. If you love living in that dreamy world of yours, you’re sure to reach there sooner. Happiness enhances itself. So, you’ll be happier doing the happy things which will eventually add to doing happier tasks. As there is always a probability of going aback, but high tides also hit the shore after a certain time. Being happy about all that you have and waiting for another happy moment, counters all the glooms and brings the moments back.

Spreading happiness is like the silver lining of a cloud. You are ought to receive back a large bundle of happiness, when you spread happiness. You can do this in multiple ways. The foremost and easiest one is to greet everyone you meet with a smile. One smile leads to another happy face and the environment lightens up instantly. Other ways of spreading happiness may include showing care towards those in need, cheering up all those gloomy hearts, sharing your thoughts with others, etc.

Therefore, in this busy space of life, it’s a crucial need of the hour to love oneself and help others loving themselves. These little things in life, are the components that we are missing in our life. Use these little building blocks to form a concrete platform of love, trust and happiness. Grow and help others grow. Take a moment to analyze all that mishappening and get on board to repair it. Fill the world with love and replenish all the filthy waters on the earth with happiness. Let not a single face starve of happiness and let peace conquer the world.





A Thousand Miles

Ever wondered if you have reached the place where you wish to be or deserve to be. Then, this is the right moment to think about it. Step in and start discovering your goals. 

You might not find any clue of what you want or just happy with everything that you have. Well, if it’s the first circumstance, then begin experimenting with every other stuff. Try understanding what you like, and what you don’t. There’s nothing more merry, than getting to know yourself better. The second situation is one with a goodwill. You are content with everything around you and perhaps, you can use it to its best. But, there could always be ways, which can make you happier. Doesn’t require that one gets greedy about possessing more. This is realising if you have reached your optimum performance and more about trying to seek newer ways to get there. 

There are a thousand miles left to uncover. Unfold and relish them sooner. As it’s all about your happiness, it’s only you who can take this chance or utilise all the opportunities coming your way, before you lose the choice of even standing for it. Build a door and create your own path, might take years and may be depressing, but will never betray you, as you invested in it with your own time and love for the work. 


Life is full of miracles. It is not necessary that it should come with the tide. It just comes with the breeze of life. It touches you and leaves you with a glimpse. Sometimes, you might have nothing to do with it, but it really leaves you with their insights.

You go deep into that zone of thoughts, understanding the sequences that lead you there. You might also feel if that moment was not attained by you, things would not have been in the right place.

At times, it could also happen that you just want to get out of it, but the wind follows you. Circumstances put you right there, it leaves you with a sense of amazement as to which road was taken to reach out.

With time, even sand dunes change their position. How could you even track back the forgotten road? The rotten leaves might rewind you innumerable things. But even those things have got rotten with time. And yet, they do count, though it might not be the same road taken by you. But, it might be the very same road that crossed your path.

Those moments are enchanting when you think you are passing through a glorious era. That’s the time you cherish for everything you have. So, why doesn’t that leave a mark on the future? If that happens to occur, life could reach a different stage. And that point of life is the most awaited one. It’s just so phenomenal!!


Walking on the bed of thorns
I think if to
This is the end
When there’s no hope
And I realize that
The only light’s fading away!

The world is orphanic
You get the living around
When you are in ecstasy
That living breaks up
Your walls
Only to see you
Walk away with tears!

At times, I feel
Is this the only space?
Left for me in this world
Surrounded by waters
On all the sides
And the fire approaching
Nearer and faster!

I get numb on my feet
Stuck up in that location
So as to face it or
Just escape away
But that will only cure
For a moment
And right down there
I have to sacrifice
And hold myself back
Like a bird in the cage!

There’s a voice inside me
Telling to take up the challenge
The living world shouldn’t control
But it’s only me
Who should create the space
Where I wanna fit in!

It might be terrible
It might be frightening
But I’ll keep going
In search of bonds of warmth
I’ll go through this journey
And create a space for myself
‘The space’ which I need
And where I want to live!!


A moment of silence
Is all we need
To dispel the darkness
In this world of rust!

A time for peace
A tide of rejoice
Can do it all
No matter how much
The world ruins!

Silence is the secret
It is the power
Of the unknown bliss
An end to all the violence
And all the griefs!

Let there be one moment
In this heavy rush
Minutes of brotherhood
Seconds of sweet tone
In this very hour of need!

Let it be beautiful
Let that green day
Walk into our lives again
Filling the world with ecstasy
All we need is
“The one moment in time”!


The moment you feel
You are tightened up with ropes
Your throat dries up
You drench in despair
And rescue seems to be naive!

The world’s such a fake fortress
With its high and dense walls
Forbidding you to escape
The more you dart away
The more tighter it grasps you!!

No one can break the spell
Unless you try to dodge out of it
Gather your strengths and wisdom
Keep progressing on
It’s your turn to fight back!

No matter if u stand alone
Stand for yourself
And break that bondage apart
Keep yourself real
Do whatever you feel to be true!