River Flows in You

There is a stream flowing continuously inside each one of us. It keeps gushing around and about different zones of our mental health that govern the different phases in life. This stream or river is a flow of energy, feelings and emotions of love, hatred, anger and very vivid. As it flows, it is accompanied […]

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Where did it all begin Can I figure it how? A salient split second Is all to quantify that reverence.   A vague solicitude did he have And tenderness submerged with purity I could only inarticulate and gape At this deepest core of anatomy.  


The Wait

Waiting in the broad day light I put you on the pedestal Watching the fleet of cars rush by I glance down in memory of yours You seem to never come But what beholds me there Is the hope to see you in the meadow again And I stand there, contemplating for the last time.

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Tiny Little Clouds

Those small hovering bodies Of Laughter and Rejoice Pulled me closer to the trigger that You pulled right into me. Little did I know That, that was not the first time And ain’t gonna be one, if happened to I sat with agony and disbelief.

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Embrace the Child Within You 

We all come to this world as innocent souls, not knowing what’s right and what’s wrong. We all get framed by our surroundings which comprises of our family, friends and society. But, in this process, we lose a part of ourselves and lose contact with the child that is within us. In the career that […]

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Who Am I ?

Who am I ? A soul long lost in the dark, among the woods, in the savage world. Or, am I the soul enlightened with God’s light and protected by his love. Awake today and find your inner self, to rediscover yourself and establish a well-being. For those who ain’t have love, He’ll provide you […]

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All of us have wondered, as to where does happiness lie. We all have asked this question to ourselves, “How do I taste Happiness?” Well, the answer to this is very clear and simple. It lies beneath the tiny little things we do every day. Every little thing that we do has the potential to […]


A Thousand Miles

Ever wondered if you have reached the place where you wish to be or deserve to be. Then, this is the right moment to think about it. Step in and start discovering your goals.  You might not find any clue of what you want or just happy with everything that you have. Well, if it’s […]

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Life is full of miracles. It is not necessary that it should come with the tide. It just comes with the breeze of life. It touches you and leaves you with a glimpse. Sometimes, you might have nothing to do with it, but it really leaves you with their insights. You go deep into that […]